Fastest, Easiest way to Support Customers on Slack

Create , Assign, Follow up Customer Request within Slack itself. Collaborate with customers within Slack using 2-way ticketing integrations, email integration, automated reminders, get entire list all within Slack. ‍Assign Tasks/Tickets to current on rotation, round-robin, or randomly, randomly or to specific user Stream and Combine all Messages in a single triage channel. ‍Also connect external sources like Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana or any other tool of your choice


Reduction in response time


Of your team collaborating on tickets


Queries answered automatically

How it works


Get your best Slack Workflows


Automatically Assign Tickets / Tasks

Assign Tasks/Tickets to current on rotation, round-robin, or randomly, or to specific user.


Streamline all messages to single triage channel

Streamline request handling in Slack by integrating multiple channels into one single queue.

Allocate specific team members to each request to ensure clear responsibility and efficient management of customer inquiries.

By centralizing, assigning, and tagging within Slack, teams can significantly improve their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing customer needs.


Have 2 way deep sync with your CRM, Ticketing System

Bi-Sync messages to your preferred tool automatically.

Transition tickets, users within Slack


Convert  Message to create Tickets

Automatic Ticket creation from Slack from anywhere on Slack. Use Emojis to manually create Slack Channels

Connect to Jira , HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana or any other tool of your choice.


SLA Alerts on Slack

Get hold of your team with Tasks passing SLA or due date all within Slack.


Use Emojis Kick off Workflows

Want to send email ?Want to trigger an API? Trigger your workflows via Pagerly. Use Emojis to Trigger Workflows within Slack


Create Channel for Tickets

Create dedicated channels for certain tickets. Sync Messages and Conversation to External Tool.


Get a Single View of Tasks

Follow up yours & your Team Task within Slack. Get report on teams.


Add Notes , Share Knowledge

Add remarks / comments/ notes to your tasks. Set context for the next person taking over the task.

Create Bugs within Slack  

Create new issues in Jira from images, files, videos, etc shared in Slack using the 🐞 emoji

Get Report of Jira Activity

Sprint Reports, Epic Reports. Get All Reports in scheduled manner within Slack

Daily Standup

Update your tickets , conduct a daily standup within Slack. Get tickets done yesterday, upcoming tickets

Approval Access Workflow

Set up approval workflow for JSM and JIRA witin Slack

Automatically Assign Tickets to current oncall, rotation, or in round-robin mannger for your team

Automatically Slack Channel Creation

Create Dedicated Channels automatically based on changes in Jira Tickets


Have Deep 2-way Integrations with Tool of your Choice!

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