Pagerduty Slack 2 way Sync

Get Notified on Oncall Change Sync Oncall Schedule with Slack Usergroup Mention current Oncall in Slack threads Update Channel Topic With Oncall Get Reminders about upcoming oncalls Group Multiple Oncalls like frontend-oncall mentions ios, android , web oncalls Manage & Override Oncall Schedule Create and Page Incidents within Slack Get Full Oncall Reports

How it works


Get your best Slack Workflows


Get Notified on Oncall Change

Get notified immediately on oncall handover on the team's Slack channel.


Sync Oncall Schedule with Slack Usergroup

Get Away maintaining calender and Slack group.
Automatically update users in usergroup with the current oncall and start tagging like @sre-oncall
This integrates with Pagerduty/OpsGenie schedule, or your own custom rotation.


Mention current Oncall in Slack threads

Automatically fetch the current oncall  for each team to tag onto any Slack conversation
Use @Pagerly <teamName> on any channel/thread/discussion to mention the current oncall . Using this, you can automate responses too


Group Multiple Oncalls

Mention multiple teams together at same time.
For Example , You use @Pagerly frontend
for mentioning all frontend teams oncalls.


Manage & Override Oncall Schedule

Know and manage your team's oncall schedule from Slack itself. Override oncall from Slack itself.
Get the schedule Using /schedule <teamName> command anywhere and override the oncall with any Slack user of the choice


Get Notified/Reminder for Upcoming Schedule

In case you want to receive reminders for upcoming rotation change / oncall handover, with Pagerly, you can set reminders.Pagerly would automatically detect the upcoming change in schedule, and would throw the notification of upcoming schedule on the Team's Channel configured in Pagerly


Create Page / Incidents in Seconds

Easily create page or incident in Slack

Hover on a message on Slack to quickly create Incident

Or use /page command to create the incident


Create Incidents using Slack Emoji / Automatically

Automatically create Incidents for every message on Slack Channel?
Want to give your operations team options to create Incidents using Emojis ?

With Pagerly, choose your logic and set up rules to create incidents easily on Slack


Get Full Oncall Report (MTTR, Open Incidents)

Use these reports to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your incident management process.

Get Following information on every Oncall Change

Total Incoming Tickets
Resolved Tickets
Assignee for Each Ticket
Not Resolved Tickets
Total Current Ticket Count
Downloadable Report

Create Bugs within Slack  

Create new issues in Jira from images, files, videos, etc shared in Slack using the 🐞 emoji

Get Report of Jira Activity

Sprint Reports, Epic Reports. Get All Reports in scheduled manner within Slack

Daily Standup

Update your tickets , conduct a daily standup within Slack. Get tickets done yesterday, upcoming tickets

Approval Access Workflow

Set up approval workflow for JSM and JIRA witin Slack

Automatically Assign Tickets to current oncall, rotation, or in round-robin mannger for your team

Automatically Slack Channel Creation

Create Dedicated Channels automatically based on changes in Jira Tickets


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