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Start tagging oncall like @dev-on-call,
Have Automated Response for Each Oncall Mention To Free Developer Time!!
Manage Rotations, override, notify, engage oncalls via Slack

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Simple, yet powerful

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Real time sync

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Easy organization

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Built-in AI features

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Cloud based

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40+ Companies (150+ Teams) using Pagerly

What All You Can Have??

Get Notified on Oncall Change

Get notified immediately on oncall handover
on the team's Slack channel

Mention current oncall in Slack threads

Automatically fetch the current oncall  for each team to tag onto any Slack conversation

Use @Pagerly <teamName> on any channel/thread/discussion to mention the current oncall . Using this, you can automate responses too

Custom Command

Instead of using @Pagerly , you can have you r own custom @Team-oncall
We will use @group-name (Slack group-names) to maintain this

Create tickets from Slack itself

Pagerly helps you to create ticket from any Slack channel. It will log the ticket in JIRA and tools like PagerDuty/Opsgenie automatically.Create a dedicated channel/thread to discuss any issue with the team's oncall/responder

Update Channel Topic With Oncall

Update the team's channel topic with the current oncall whenever oncall changes

Automated Reply

Set an automated reply for any oncall mentioned. Reduce your request count by automatically posting runbook links

It could be runbook link, or any board link that you want to be mentioned everytime

Manage & Override Oncall Schedule

Know and manage your team's oncall schedule from Slack itself. Override oncall from Slack itself.

Get the schedule Using /schedule <teamName> command anywhere and override the oncall with any Slack user of the choice

Configure Everything in Slack

Add new team within Slack itself

Each Team would have team name (the command) , channel for all updates , schedule Id in PagerDuty/OpsGenie and Team manager(optional)

Built-in integrations

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Discover a new way to work

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Our growing wall of love ❤️

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Miles Ronson

Lead Devops

We automatically get notified when the oncall handover happens. Our slack channel also gets automically updated correctly. Prior to this we had to switch between Opsgenie every week to know who is the current and next oncall. Pagerly has helped us to ease the process

Dhruv Agarwal


Using Pagerly, we are able to operationalise oncall management and following incident request much better. It helped our entire company to tag correct oncall on any Slack conversation

Staccey R

Lead SRE

With Pagerly, we were able to pinpoint the oncall on channel topic & manage the rotation schedule on Slack itself. Integration with PagerDuty is very good.

Susan Miles

Pagerly has helped us putting oncalls operationally on Slack. Lot's of teams use our Pagerly bot to ask our team's oncall for any request

What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template

Marcus Woods

Engineering Manager

Earlier, we had issues where we wouldn't know whenever the oncall is changed. Our sprint was affected and new oncalls didn't know that they are the current oncall. Pagerly solved that majorly for our engineers.

Dhruv Goel

Founder, Aerotime

We heavily use Pagerly Bot for automated responses for any oncall requests. It helped our ops and customer team to engage with oncall efficiently all on Slack

Andrew Dent

Engineering Manager

Our  Pagerly Bot get's used almost daily for any Slack threads . I also use the manage my team's schedule and planning upcoming weeks better. Our ticket responses have increased much better

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