Manage Check in and Check out in Slack

Falit Jain
May 24, 2024
5 min read

Manage Check in and Check out in Slack

Without difficulty Keep track of and manage your employees' check-ins and check-outs without having to switch apps! Receive alerts and reports via the Slack channel. Integrate with Excel and Google Sheets

Present Issue

The check-in/check-out workflow on Pagerly might face issues such as inefficiency due to manual input requirements, which can slow down the process and introduce human error. Additionally, it may lack integration with other systems, leading to data silos and inconsistent information across platforms. Users might also find the interface unintuitive, leading to lower adoption rates and decreased productivity. Furthermore, real-time collaboration can be hindered if updates are not instantaneously reflected across all users. Lastly, the lack of customization options may limit its applicability for diverse team needs.


Pagerly is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions for Slack, revolutionising workflow management with its innovative platform. 

As the leading AI Slack app, Pagerly streamlines team operations by effortlessly creating rotations, optimising schedules, and enhancing collaboration within the workspace. 

With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, Pagerly empowers teams to maximise productivity and efficiency like never before.

If there are some teams or tasks you would prefer not to schedule on PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.

You can make these Round-Robin Rotations directly within Slack using Pagerly.

Users, groups of users, and teams can all be rotated.


Indicate when to check in and out using Slack

You don't have to open another app!

Without switching apps, every Slack user can mark a check-in.

Receive Alerts and Reports in Slack

Receive all alerts and reports in your personal DM or Slack channel.

Obtain the check-in and check-out records for every team member.

Assist with Every Integration

Do you want to sync your daily reports to a spreadsheet, Excel, or other programme?

Pagerly supports every important tool.

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