Sync Oncall Schedule with Slack User Group

Mention Oncalls like ( @sre-on-call)
Integrate PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Jira
Automatically update and notify the User Group with Latest Oncall

Get Notified on Oncall Change

Get notified immediately on oncall handover
on the team's Slack channel


Mention current oncall in Slack threads

Automatically fetch the current oncall  for each team to tag onto any Slack conversation

Use @Pagerly <teamName> on any channel/thread/discussion to mention the current oncall . Using this, you can automate responses too


Custom Command

Instead of using @Pagerly , you can have you r own custom @Team-oncall
We will use @group-name (Slack group-names) to maintain this


Create tickets from Slack itself

Pagerly helps you to create ticket from any Slack channel. It will log the ticket in JIRA and tools like PagerDuty/Opsgenie automatically.Create a dedicated channel/thread to discuss any issue with the team's oncall/responder


Update Channel Topic With Oncall

Update the team's channel topic with the current oncall whenever oncall changes


Multi-Mention Teams

Mention multiple teams together at same time.
For Example , You use @Pagerly frontend
for mentioning all frontend teams oncalls.