Want to Create Rotations for non-oncall tasks?

In case, for some of teams, tasks you want to avoid creating schedules in PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.

With Pagerly, you can create these rotations within Slack itself.

Rotation Teams would have same features as other Teams

Create Your Own Rotation

Want to avoid cost of creating schedules for non-oncall tasks on paging tool to avoid cost 💰💰 ??
With Pagerly , you can create schedules which would be managed by Pagerly.

Use this for  non-oncall task allocations : Scrum master of the week, Customer Supports, Ops, etc


Use Cases

  • Early Stage Startup: Companies at early stage may not want to spend a lot on setup of creating oncalls on Pagerduty , Opsgenie. With Pagerly, they can manage requests/ oncall they within Slack by creating their schedule on Pagerly itself.
  • Customer Support : Manage rotations for their IT or technical support teams. This ensures that employees share the workload of addressing technical issues, providing prompt assistance to users or internal staff.
  • Pull Request Reviewer Rotation: Facilitate rotations among team members for the role of pull request reviewers. By assigning reviewers on a rotating basis, the workload is evenly distributed, ensuring that no one person becomes a bottleneck and that code reviews are conducted by multiple perspectives.
  • Social Event Planning Rotation: Companies often organize social events or team-building activities. With your app, employees can take turns planning and organizing these events, ensuring that the responsibility is shared and that different perspectives and ideas are incorporated

Cost Effective

Pagerly Rotations is a cost-effective solution for team management. Unlike PagerDuty,OpsGenie which charges per user, our app offers a per-team pricing model. With flexible and affordable pricing, companies can scale their rotations without worrying about excessive costs, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Say goodbye to user-based charges and embrace a budget-friendly solution that maximizes efficiency and collaboration.