On Slack, create round-robin rotations

Falit Jain
April 1, 2024
5 min read
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Present Issue

The workflow described on the Pagerly website involves creating rotations directly within Slack, offering convenience and integration for teams. However, relying solely on Slack for rotation management may pose challenges in scalability and organisation. 

Without a dedicated platform or robust features tailored for rotation scheduling, teams may encounter limitations in tracking, managing, and optimising their rotations effectively. Additionally, potential issues such as limited customization options, lack of advanced scheduling features, and difficulty in accessing historical rotation data could hinder the efficiency and reliability of the rotation process over time. 

Integrating Pagerly with dedicated rotation management tools could address these concerns and provide a more comprehensive solution for teams.


Pagerly is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions for Slack, revolutionising workflow management with its innovative platform. 

As the leading AI Slack app, Pagerly streamlines team operations by effortlessly creating rotations, optimising schedules, and enhancing collaboration within the workspace. 

With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, Pagerly empowers teams to maximise productivity and efficiency like never before.

If there are some teams or tasks you would prefer not to schedule on PagerDuty, OpsGenie, etc.

You can make these Round-Robin Rotations directly within Slack using Pagerly.

Users, groups of users, and teams can all be rotated.


Make a Rotation of Your Own

Through intuitive commands and customizable settings, members can establish rotation schedules tailored to their specific needs. 

Pagerly automates the assignment process, ensuring equitable distribution of tasks and responsibilities among team members. 

With real-time notifications and updates, everyone stays informed and engaged throughout the rotation cycle. 

By optimising resource allocation and fostering a collaborative environment, Pagerly empowers teams to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively, ultimately driving success in their projects and initiatives.

Switch Teams

Switching teams seamlessly is a breeze with Pagerly's intuitive workflow management system. 

Whether it's rotating assignments, adjusting schedules, or reallocating resources, Pagerly simplifies the process with its AI-driven platform. 

By streamlining team transitions, Pagerly ensures continuity and efficiency, allowing teams to focus on their core objectives without disruptions. 

With its dynamic features and customizable options, Pagerly empowers teams to adapt swiftly to changing priorities and maintain peak performance across different projects or departments. 

Say goodbye to manual coordination headaches – Pagerly effortlessly facilitates smooth transitions between teams, keeping everyone in sync and on track.


40% - Shorter reaction times

Implementing Pagerly yielded a significant improvement, reducing reaction times by 40%, thereby enhancing the team's agility and responsiveness to tasks and inquiries.

100% - In your group working together on tickets

 Pagerly facilitated seamless collaboration, ensuring that 100% of the group actively participated in ticket management, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced task completion rates.

30% - Automatic responses to inquiries

With Pagerly's automation capabilities, the team experienced a notable 30% increase in automatic responses to inquiries, freeing up valuable time and resources while maintaining prompt and effective communication with stakeholders.

Checkout full Information here : https://www.pagerly.io/create-rotations-on-slack

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