How to Use Slack to Organise Your Tasks Better

Falit Jain
April 8, 2024
5 min read

How to Use Slack to Organise Your Tasks Better

Create , Assign, Follow up Tasks within Slack itself.

Present Issue

Integrating multiple external tools and task management functionalities into Slack could lead to a cluttered workspace and increased noise, making it difficult for users to focus on essential messages and tasks. 

Additionally, relying heavily on Slack for task management may not suit every team's workflow preferences or accommodate the specific needs of complex projects that require more specialised project management tools.

Lastly, depending on the complexity of the integrations and the reliability of external services, there may be challenges with maintaining consistent connectivity and data synchronisation, potentially leading to delays or errors in task management.


Pagerly is a cutting-edge AI Slack app designed to streamline task management and communication within teams. With Pagerly, users can effortlessly create, assign, and track tasks directly within Slack, enhancing productivity and collaboration. 

Its intuitive interface allows for seamless integration with external tools such as Pagerduty, Google Sheets, Jira, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Asana, empowering teams to access relevant information and take actions without leaving the Slack platform. 

Pagerly offers flexible task assignment options, including assigning tasks to specific users, current on-call or rotation members, round-robin distribution, or random assignment, ensuring tasks are efficiently allocated based on workload and availability.

Within Slack, create, assign, and follow up on tasks.

Assign tasks to a particular user, round robin, randomly, or on call.

Additionally, integrate third-party resources such as Pagerduty, Google Sheets, Jira, Hubspot, Salesforce, Asana, or any other preferred application.


Create Tasks quickly

By enabling users to easily capture action items and track progress without leaving the Slack platform, Pagerly offers straightforward task management whether generating tasks from discussions or interacting with external applications like Jira or Asana. 

This adaptability improves productivity and simplifies processes, enabling teams to remain focused and organised while working towards their objectives.

Transitional Slack Tasks

Pagerly facilitates seamless task management within Slack, allowing users to effortlessly approve, reject, reassign, and edit tasks directly within the platform. 

Its intuitive commands and user-friendly interface streamline these processes, enabling efficient task handling without the need to navigate external systems. 

This integration enhances productivity by centralising task management and simplifying workflow management for teams within Slack.

Connect to an External Source and Generate Tickets

Offers seamless integration with various external sources, including Jira, HubSpot, Salesforce, Asana, Google Sheets, PagerDuty, and more.

Tasks can be synchronised bidirectionally between Slack and these external sources, ensuring smooth collaboration and workflow continuity. 

With Pagerly's synchronisation capabilities, teams can effortlessly manage tasks across platforms, enhancing productivity and efficiency in task management processes.

Assign duties to the Current Rotation or Oncall

Enables automatic assignment of duties to on-call or rotating users, either randomly, from the team pool, or specifically designated for individual users. 

This flexible assignment capability streamlines task distribution, ensuring fair allocation and optimised workload management. 

With Pagerly's automation features, teams can efficiently delegate responsibilities, enhancing collaboration and productivity within Slack.

Obtain a Single Task View

Allows you to effortlessly track your team's Slack tasks and generate comprehensive reports. With Pagerly's reporting features, you can gain insights into task progress, completion rates, and team performance, enhancing accountability and transparency. 

By centralising task tracking within Slack, Pagerly simplifies management and improves overall team productivity.

Make Notes and Impart Knowledge

Allows users to enrich assignments with notes, comments, and remarks, providing essential context for task continuity. These annotations ensure smooth transitions between team members, enhancing understanding and efficiency in task execution. With Pagerly's intuitive interface within Slack, teams can easily communicate insights and instructions, fostering collaboration and productivity.


40% - Shorter reaction times

Implementing Pagerly yielded a significant improvement, reducing reaction times by 40%, thereby enhancing the team's agility and responsiveness to tasks and inquiries.

100% - In your group working together on tickets

 Pagerly facilitated seamless collaboration, ensuring that 100% of the group actively participated in ticket management, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced task completion rates.

30% - Automatic responses to inquiries

With Pagerly's automation capabilities, the team experienced a notable 30% increase in automatic responses to inquiries, freeing up valuable time and resources while maintaining prompt and effective communication with stakeholders.

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