How To Increase The Productivity of Our IT Support Team Using On-Call Rotation Management

Falit Jain
May 1, 2024
5 min read

How To Increase The Productivity of Our IT Support Team Using On-Call Rotation Management

With the use of Pagerly, an on-call rotation management solution, businesses can simplify their on-call schedules and guarantee that someone is always on hand to handle crises or assist clients. We'll look at how Pagerly enhanced an IT support team's productivity in this article.

The IT support staff at Hotstar had trouble keeping track of who was on call and when prior to deploying Pagerly. Team members frequently had to spend time attempting to determine who was now in charge of answering support requests, which caused delays in response times. This was particularly problematic after work, when it was harder to communicate with coworkers.

The IT support team at Hotstar was able to enhance their response times considerably by utilising Pagerly to oversee their on-call calendar. Team members may quickly view who was on call at all times and the scheduled time of their next on-call shift by using Pagerly. This made it easier to understand and guaranteed that assistance inquiries were responded to right away.

Pagerly not only reduced response times but also helped Hotstar IT support staff handle their workload more effectively. It was simpler for the team to organise and assign responsibilities when they could see when team members were available. This lessened the possibility of overworking any one team member, which enhanced productivity all around.

All things considered, Hotstar IT support team has found Pagerly to be a useful tool. Pagerly has assisted the team in giving their clients more effective service by optimising their on-call schedule and enhancing their capacity to handle their workload. We strongly advise using Pagerly if your company wants to increase the effectiveness of its IT support staff.

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