Control Notifications from Every Source in Slack

Falit Jain
April 2, 2024
5 min read
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Control Notifications from Every Source in Slack

Assign Alerts & Notifications Automatically

Present Issue

The workflow provided suffers from a lack of customisation and flexibility. Users may find themselves constrained by preset notification templates, unable to tailor alerts to specific needs or preferences. 

Additionally, the system's reliance on manual intervention for adjusting alerts could lead to inefficiencies and delays in response times. Furthermore, there might be limitations in integrating with other platforms or systems, hindering seamless communication and workflow automation. 

Overall, while the platform offers a centralised solution for managing alerts, its rigidity and limited adaptability may not fully meet the diverse needs of users in dynamic operational environments.


Pagerly is the premier AI Slack app, revolutionising the management of multiple alerts and notifications. 

With its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, it offers a seamless solution to streamline workflows, ensuring timely and efficient handling of alerts within the Slack environment. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, empowers teams to effortlessly manage and prioritise notifications, enhancing productivity and response times.

Assign Alerts & Notifications Automatically

Receive alerts in only one channel.

Establish Specialised Channels

Create tickets in Jira, Zendesk, Hubspot, Pagerduty, and other platforms based on alerts.


Assign tasks and tickets automatically

Automate task assignment and ticket allocation effortlessly with Pagerly

Using intelligent algorithms, streamlines the process by assigning tasks and tickets automatically based on predefined criteria such as urgency, skill sets, and workload distribution. 

This not only saves time but also ensures equitable task distribution, boosting team efficiency and collaboration.

Every communication in a single channel of triage

With Pagerly, all communications are effortlessly consolidated within a single channel, facilitating efficient triage processes. 

By centralising alerts and notifications, teams can swiftly assess and prioritise tasks without the need for constant navigation across multiple channels. 

This streamlined approach fosters collaboration, ensuring that critical information is readily accessible and actioned upon, leading to enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.

Sync two-way deep with your CRM, paging, ticketing, and other systems.

Pagerly facilitates seamless two-way synchronisation with your CRM, paging, ticketing, and various other systems. 

Through deep integration capabilities, Pagerly ensures real-time data exchange, enabling synchronised communication across platforms. 

This comprehensive synchronisation enhances workflow efficiency, streamlines processes, and fosters collaboration among teams, ultimately optimising productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

Transform Message into Tickets

"Transform Message into Tickets" is a feature offered by, enabling users to convert incoming messages or notifications into actionable tickets seamlessly. 

This functionality streamlines communication and task management by automatically generating structured tickets from Slack messages, emails, or other sources. 

By converting messages into tickets, teams can efficiently track, prioritise, and resolve issues, promoting collaboration and enhancing productivity within their workflow.

Slack SLA Alerts

Slack SLA Alerts provide real-time notifications to ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs) within the Slack platform. 

These alerts promptly notify teams of any breaches or impending breaches of SLA thresholds, enabling swift action to meet performance targets and maintain customer satisfaction. 

With Slack SLA Alerts, teams can proactively monitor and manage their SLAs, fostering accountability and driving continuous improvement in service delivery.

Make Your Own Emojis

"Make Your Own Emojis" is an engaging activity where individuals can unleash their creativity by designing personalised emojis. 

Whether expressing unique emotions, hobbies, or inside jokes, crafting custom emojis adds a personal touch to digital communication. 

With a plethora of online tools and platforms available, users can easily create emojis that reflect their personality and style, enriching their messaging experience with a touch of originality.

Make a Channel for Tickets

Introducing our new "Tickets" channel, your dedicated hub for seamless ticket management. Here, team members can submit, track, and resolve tickets effortlessly, promoting efficient communication and collaboration. With its organised structure and streamlined interface, the Tickets channel simplifies the process of addressing issues and ensures nothing falls through the cracks, enabling swift resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.


60% - Reduction in Alert Count

With a remarkable 60% reduction in alert count, teams experience a significant decrease in noise, enabling them to focus on critical issues with precision and efficiency.

80 dev hours - 80 dev hour per month per dev saved

The reduction translates to a remarkable saving of 80 developer hours per month per developer, freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks and innovation within the organisation.

30% - Reduction in Response Time

A notable 30% reduction in response time is achieved, thanks to streamlined alert management processes facilitated by Pagerly. This efficiency boost ensures quicker resolution of incidents, enhancing overall operational agility and customer satisfaction.

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