Comment, Assign, and Transition Tickets with Slack

Falit Jain
July 4, 2024
5 min read

Comment, Assign, and Transition Tickets with Slack

Put an end to your team's continual app switching to prevent thousands of hours of wasted time.

What are we looking for?

Automating ticket management solely through Slack lacks the structured workflow and detailed tracking capabilities of dedicated ticketing systems like Jira or Zendesk. This approach may lead to challenges in maintaining an audit trail and enforcing standardised processes. Integrating Slack with a dedicated ticketing platform ensures better tracking, workflow adherence, and operational efficiency for managing comments, assignments, and ticket transitions.

Pagerly - Jira + Slack

Pagerly is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions for Slack, revolutionising workflow management with its innovative platform. 

As the leading AI Slack app, Pagerly streamlines team operations by effortlessly creating rotations, optimising schedules, and enhancing collaboration within the workspace. 

With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, Pagerly empowers teams to maximise productivity and efficiency like never before.

If there are some teams or tasks you would prefer not to schedule on PagerDuty, Jira, etc.

You can make these Round-Robin Rotations directly within Slack using Pagerly.

Users, groups of users, and teams can all be rotated.


Ticket Integration

Connect ticketing systems (e.g., Jira, Zendesk) to Slack for seamless ticket management.


Enable users to comment on tickets directly from Slack channels.


Allow assigning tickets to specific team members directly within Slack.

Transition Management

Facilitate ticket state transitions (e.g., from open to closed) via Slack commands.

Real-Time Notifications

Notify relevant stakeholders of ticket updates in real-time through Slack.

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