2024 Top Jira Slack Integration for IT and Engineering Teams

Falit Jain
April 3, 2024
5 min read
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2024 Top Jira Slack Integration for IT and Engineering Teams

Businesses are using chat services more and more to help remote staff collaborate effectively. Improved teamwork and communication are made possible by a deeper connection of Jira and Slack. It also offers improved issue monitoring throughout the entire business and higher efficiency. Project managers can provide more intelligent project management techniques, and IT teams may respond to employee requirements more quickly.

You have undoubtedly used the native Slack bots that come with Jira if you're looking for Jira Slack integration options. Pagerly is a Jira Slack connection designed specifically with IT and engineering teams in mind. Pagerly includes specially designed automations that may be adjusted to fit any use case.

We will discuss the advantages of integrating Jira with Slack in this blog post. We will also discuss the differences between Pagerly's solution and the built-in Slack bots, as well as how you can test them out in your Slack workspace.

  • What's Slack integration for Jira?
  • Jira products with Slack integration
  • Top use cases for Jira Slack integration in IT support management
  • Top use cases integrating Jira with Slack for software project management
  • Methods for Linking Jira and Slack
  • Jira Cloud/Server app versus Pagerly
  • Halp vs. Pagerly Enterprise prepared
  • Getting Pagerly Started

What's Slack integration for Jira?

An integration between Jira, a project management application, and Slack, a communication platform, enables users to do activities in Jira and receive updates and notifications from Slack. By integrating Jira's issue tracking and Jira ticketing features into their Slack channels, the integration helps teams work together more efficiently, stay informed about the status of Jira projects, and optimise their workflows.

Jira products with Slack integration

Jira from Atlassian is available as Jira Software for software project management and as "Jira Service Management" (JSM) for support help desk administration.

JSM is intended to assist businesses in overseeing the activities of their IT service desk. It has capabilities like tracking service level agreements (SLAs), incident and employee requests, problem management, and problem solving. Teams can use it to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their IT service management operations, enhance communication and collaboration, and streamline and automate their IT service desk activities.

Software development teams can use Jira Software to assist with planning, monitoring, and releasing software. Features like agile boards, backlogs, sprint planning, and reporting are all included in Jira Software. Teams can use it to plan and prioritize their work, track bugs and issues, and manage their development process. Additionally, it gives teams visibility into the status of projects and facilitates the swift identification and resolution of problems.

Top use cases for Jira Slack integration in IT support management

The most benefit that IT teams find is in expediting the resolution of staff issues. Numerous elements of Pagerly's Jira Slack connection contribute to the expeditious processing of support issues. Among the typical use cases are:

  1. Gathering demands in Slack
  2. Changing Slack tickets
  3. Getting Slack alerts about ticket updates
  4. Using Slack for approval processing
  5. Gathering input in Slack
  6. Obtaining useful information in Slack

1. Gathering requests via Slack

Employees can use one or more customer channels that you set up on Slack to report internal issues. Workers only need to write their requests into the channel, and Pagerly makes it easier to record these Slack messages as tickets. Simply choose an emoji to create a new ticket with all the details in the conversation. Using Slack's "Edit field" feature, you can make changes to the ticket fields either when it's created or at a later time.

2. Adding updates to Slack tickets

Pagerly instantly routes all requests (made through Jira and Slack) to the Agent triage channel. This gives your team a private area to discuss and begin working on the projects. Additionally, if they have the appropriate authorization, your staff can review the requests and take the appropriate action (updating, commenting, editing, or initiating contact with customers).

3. Receiving Slack alerts about ticket updates

All updates between Slack and Jira are immediately synchronised with Pagerly's Jira Slack interface. The Slack thread contains all of your team's Jira changes. In order for the agents and staff to see the whole picture, this maintains the Slack thread updated. To keep everyone informed, Slack discussions are automatically recorded and updated in real-time to Jira.

4. Using Slack to handle approvals

Certain requests include extra steps in the workflow that provide one or more approvers the ability to decide whether to approve or reject the request before it ever gets to your team. Pagerly offers the similar experience in Slack by dynamically grabbing and honouring the Jira approval workflow configurations.

5. Gathering input in Slack

Pagerly streamlines the Slack process of gathering employee feedback. Pagerly uses chat to automatically send feedback questionnaires to its clients. The client is able to store their answers. Pagerly gathers input and disseminates it in readable reports so that your team can decide wisely.

6. Using Slack to get practical insights

When a pending ticket hasn't had an update in a while, Pagerly offers you actionable alerts with suggested actions you can do straight in Slack. To keep everyone, including pertinent stakeholders, informed, receive these reports in Slack channels.

Top use cases integrating Jira with Slack for software project management

On-time project delivery is what engineering teams value most. Features of Pagerly's Jira Slack connection enable team collaboration via Slack while Jira is automatically updated by Pagerly. Top use cases for engineering teams consist of the following:

  1. Receiving alerts about issues in Slack
  2. Issue creation and update using Slack commands
  3. Emoji creation and update problems
  4. Obtaining a Slack issue preview
  5. Including discussions from Slack in Jira problems
  6. looking at the Slack Jira problems dashboard
  7. Burndown chart sharing in Slack
  8. Having a Slack Jira issue standup

1. Receiving updates on issues in Slack

Pagerly may notify you or your Slack channels instantly or on a regular basis. You can configure your options to only show particular issues and only show particular kinds of updates inside those issues. In this manner, you maintain complete control over the quantity and frequency of information you get in Slack.

Pagerly also allows you to fully customise every element of the update message, allowing you to receive as much or as little information as you need.

You can respond to these notifications by altering the status or any other field information, among other things. Additionally, you may completely customise these action buttons to show only the ones that apply to you or the most important ones at all.

2. Emoji creation and updating problems

Emoji problem solving can be entertaining and useful. Pagerly, for instance, includes the :ticket: emoji by default, which, depending on the channel's settings, turns each Slack conversation into a Jira issue. That can be used to prompt users with a form or to immediately create an issue.

Additional emoji actions included with Pagerly are as follows:

Use the :eyes: emoji to mark yourself as a viewer of the article.

:speech: emoji to an existing issue to add the Slack message as a comment

Learn more about them by reading.

You may also program your own custom emoji actions with Pagerly, which will cause a predefined action to happen. To turn a Slack message into a bug in a particular project that has a high priority and is in the current sprint, for instance, you can make the :bug: emoji.

You can make personalised emoticons and distribute them to your group or use them yourself. Find out more about how to configure them here.

3. Obtaining a Slack issue preview

In each Slack channel, users may quickly obtain up-to-date and immediate context on the issues they raise. Pagerly updates the initial message mentioning the issue with the context from a thread. As a result, users of the channel can instantly verify the status, assignee, and other details.

Additionally, Pagerly allows you to precisely control the content that appears in the preview message, including the action buttons that accompany them at the channel level. This makes it possible to provide each team in your company with a customised experience.

4. Linking Jira issues to Slack discussions

You can turn any Slack chat into a Jira problem by using the Pagerly Jira Slack interface. Emojis or Pagerly's Slack message actions can be used for this. Learn more about the message actions in Slack.

Any Slack message can become a Jira issue by using the "Task It" message action.

The "Comment It" message action appends a comment to a Jira issue from any Slack chat.

5. Using Slack to share a burndown graphic

With Pagerly's robust reporting feature, you can distribute any Jira report or chart directly to your Slack channels or to other users. One can select from a variety of report templates and arrange for their delivery to Slack. Learn more about the reporting features of Pagerly.

A commonly used template for reports is the burndown chart. You may arrange for them to be sent to Slack on a regular basis so that everyone in your team is aware of the status of the project and can communicate and work together more quickly and effectively on Slack.

6. Holding Slack Jira issue standups

Pagerly's Check-ins can automate your Slack daily stand-up procedure if you conduct them for your team. Pagerly asks your team members to respond to inquiries and update the Jira issues that are periodically delegated to them. Pagerly maintains Jira up to date while your team spends the least amount of time on status calls.

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