Slack Jira Two-Way Sync

Falit Jain
April 8, 2024
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Slack Jira Two-Way Sync

Present Issue

The workflow outlined in the link faces challenges related to bidirectional synchronisation between Jira and Slack. Without proper synchronisation, there's a risk of information silos and disjointed communication channels, leading to confusion and inefficiencies in task management. 

Manual updates and notifications may result in delays, hindering collaboration and impacting project timelines. 

Moreover, maintaining consistency between Jira and Slack can be labour-intensive and prone to errors, especially as project requirements evolve. 

These challenges underscore the importance of implementing a robust and automated solution like Pagerly to ensure seamless integration and communication between Jira and Slack.


Pagerly stands out as the premier AI Slack application adept at resolving the intricate workflow depicted in the link. 

By seamlessly integrating with Jira and Slack, Pagerly offers a comprehensive two-way sync solution. It ensures effortless communication and task management across platforms, addressing challenges such as information silos and manual updates. 

With Pagerly's advanced AI capabilities, teams can streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and maintain synchronised workflows between Jira and Slack effortlessly.

Use our workflows to improve your process by integrating Slack with Jira 

Create a unique, bespoke solution for your group.

Sync Opsgenie, JIRA, JSM, Confluence with Slack


Use Slack to Comment, Assign, and Transition Tickets

Empowers users to seamlessly interact with tickets directly from Slack, enabling commenting, assigning, and transitioning tasks effortlessly. 

With intuitive commands and a user-friendly interface, teams can efficiently manage their ticketing system without leaving the Slack platform. 

Pagerly's integration ensures smooth communication and streamlined workflows, enhancing productivity and collaboration within the team.

Handle Help Desk & Incidents with ISTM / JSM

Facilitates seamless handling of help desk and incidents through integration with IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms like Jira Service Management (JSM). 

By syncing tickets and incidents between Slack and JSM, Pagerly ensures efficient communication and resolution workflows. 

With Pagerly's streamlined processes, teams can enhance incident response times and optimise help desk management for improved customer support.

Make Problems Easily

"Make Problems Easily" suggests creating or exacerbating issues, which is contrary to typical objectives. 

However, if interpreted to mean simplifying complex problems, one could say: "Efficient problem-solving involves breaking down complexities to make problems easily manageable.

By identifying key elements and employing strategic approaches, teams can streamline processes and achieve effective solutions with clarity and precision."

Keep an eye on SLAs

Keeping an eye on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and meeting business objectives. 

With Pagerly, teams can effortlessly monitor SLAs, ensuring timely resolution of issues and adherence to performance metrics. 

By proactively tracking SLAs within Slack, Pagerly empowers teams to prioritise tasks effectively, minimise disruptions, and uphold service excellence.

Establishing Slack Channels Select your reasoning

Channels may be created based on project teams, specific departments, or topics of discussion to facilitate focused discussions and information sharing. 

Additionally, channels can be established for social purposes, promoting team bonding and camaraderie. 

Careful consideration of the purpose and audience for each channel helps organise conversations efficiently and fosters a conducive environment for collaboration within the team.

Immediately Add Respondents

Pagerly facilitates immediate addition of respondents to ensure prompt and efficient communication within Slack. 

With Pagerly's intuitive interface, team members can swiftly join conversations or discussions, reducing response times and enhancing collaboration. 

This feature enables seamless integration of new participants into ongoing discussions, fostering agile teamwork and streamlined communication processes.

Two-way synchronisation Slack, JSM, and Jira

Facilitates seamless two-way synchronisation between Slack, Jira Service Management (JSM), and Jira, ensuring streamlined communication and task management. 

With Pagerly's advanced synchronisation capabilities, updates made in Slack or Jira are automatically reflected across all platforms, enhancing collaboration and efficiency. 

This integration enables teams to stay aligned and agile, reducing the risk of information silos and ensuring smooth workflow coordination between Slack and Jira environments.

Provide Notifications and Updates

Pagerly facilitates timely notifications and updates within Slack, ensuring teams stay informed and up-to-date on task progress and important announcements. 

With Pagerly's notification features, users receive real-time alerts for task assignments, status changes, and other relevant updates, enhancing transparency and communication. This fosters a more agile and responsive workflow, enabling teams to adapt quickly to changing priorities and stay on track towards achieving their goals.


40% - Shorter reaction times

Implementing Pagerly yielded a significant improvement, reducing reaction times by 40%, thereby enhancing the team's agility and responsiveness to tasks and inquiries.

100% - In your group working together on tickets

 Pagerly facilitated seamless collaboration, ensuring that 100% of the group actively participated in ticket management, leading to streamlined workflows and enhanced task completion rates.

30% - Automatic responses to inquiries

With Pagerly's automation capabilities, the team experienced a notable 30% increase in automatic responses to inquiries, freeing up valuable time and resources while maintaining prompt and effective communication with stakeholders.

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